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Looking for a toy for a 2-year-old child turns out to need a strategy. On the one hand, at that age, children like to play. That’s very reasonable because the world of children is the world of play. On the other hand, it is precisely from playing that children get closer to the world of fun learning.

The Importance of Toys for 2 Years Old

Have you ever seen a child’s face look very serious when inserting a shape sorting toy into the right hole? Has anyone noticed that when they enter the age of 2, our children start to be curious about the parts of their toys? Finally, their little hands love to open this and open that.

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Well, that’s the most obvious example of how children indirectly learn many things that stimulate their intellectual development. At Kids Health, it turns out that entering the age of toddlers, especially the age of 2 years, our children have begun to realize the function of the objects around them and absorb various new vocabulary.

In essence, a 2-year-old child has a very adequate ability to start learning many things. In this regard, here, we will share recommendations for toys for 2-year-olds that can make them learn in a fun way.

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Recommended Toys for 2 Years Old

1. Picture Book

Picture books are one of the toys that can make learning fun for our 2-year-old child. At that time, their curiosity and ability to absorb new words were at their peak. These stages can be optimized by picture books.

In the market, this type of picture book is also diverse. There are in the form of fairy tale books, letter textbooks, to books that introduce the names of objects or animals. You just have to choose, which type of book you want to buy for your child.

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2. Stacking Blocks

From Kids Health, it is clear that a 2-year-old child is curious to build objects that are four or more blocks high. In maximizing that curiosity, it would be nice for you to make block toys important educational toys for children.

Look for toy blocks with a variety of sizes and bright colors to increase the child’s interest. The most prominent benefit of this stacking block is that it can help children get used to solving problems on their own.

3. Doll

It’s obvious that this toy has all-time fame, right? Especially for girls, I don’t think it would be fun if they didn’t go through their childhood with various types of dolls.

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But it turns out, more than that, doll toys are one of the most important toys for 2-year-olds. Those who begin to be curious about various adult lives, move more actively, and even imitate various words, will have their abilities maximized through dolls.

With their dolls, children can act as anyone in their imaginary world. It could be, that they make dolls as babies or close friends.

4. Doctor Equipment

Because role-playing games are also great for 2-year-olds, doctor kits can be a great idea for toys to give to children. By providing a set of tools that are typical of the medical world, our children will be trained to develop their imagination and creativity.

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You can also play along. From there, we can teach children about the names of medical devices that are often used by doctors. There are injections, stethoscopes, scissors, and even thermometers. Very interesting right?

Well, that’s it for 4 recommended toys for 2-year-olds that you can consider. It is also important to remember that even though toys are a medium for children to learn, the role of parents as the main teacher is no less important.

When we give children various types of toys for learning, of course, the results will be more optimal if we participate in providing explanations about various new things for children.

Hopefully, everything in this article is useful, yes. Have a fun fun time playing with your kids!

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