Here are 5 Toys to Help Your Children Learn to Talk August 8, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

One of the most common questions people ask is, “How do you get your child to talk?” or What toys for children to talk quickly? We are quite natural with questions like this because there are children who can be said to be a little slow in speaking skills.

When the child is 14 months old, and he can’t speak yet. He only used to say the word ‘Mama’. Some even asked a speech therapist about their child’s condition. Many people are told to wait. While waiting, of course, we want to help children so they can be stimulated to learn to talk.

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When we search on the internet, many stories are almost similar to what many people experience. There it is said that several toys can be used to stimulate children to speak quickly.

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Here are some toys that can help children learn to talk

Some children’s toys that you might consider to stimulate children to talk quickly. So, take a look at the following toys.

1. Cooking Toys

Children love to play with food and cooking toys provide so many language opportunities and these are toys that will last. There is so much vocabulary that we can teach. You can introduce descriptive vocabulary when you talk about all the ingredients.

Kids also like to pretend to cook and that motivates them to talk. They get the opportunity to observe, demonstrate, and use action words such as stirring, mixing, chopping, and rolling. Children can also play with other children to practice social interaction.

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2. Cashier Toys

Role-playing like being a cashier provides lots of language opportunities and kids will love it. Playing this game is also good for teaching social skills, taking turns, pretend play, and more. You can also use the cash register to teach manners-related words like please and thank you.

3. Books

Children need to hear words over and over again, and many books repeat the same words in different sentences throughout the book. This will help the child understand the words and provide opportunities for the child to hear the same words over and over again.

Children learn languages better when they are motivated, and books have colorful illustrations and introduce imaginary topics like pirates, princesses, or dragons. So, the imaginative power of children is also trained.

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4. Playhouse

For social skills, this toy is perfect because children can reenact the activities they see daily. For example, cooking in the kitchen, bathing, watching tv, and so on.

Receptively, you can ask your child to recognize the concept of an item and what it does. For example, you ask your child, “Which bed is it? Which chair is it?” That way, the child’s vocabulary about the objects around him becomes richer.

You can also ask your child to follow directions by saying, “Try putting the baby in the tub and washing his hair.” Children will be able to follow instructions and understand what the people around them are saying.

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5. Musical Instrument Toys

Music is an important component for teaching new concepts, following directions, getting attention, or for exercising sensory. You can use music to connect words to songs, ask the children to fill in the blanks, sing along, and more.

You can also use musical instruments to teach concepts like fast, slow, stop, loud, quiet, and even concepts like hello/goodbye. Playing music encourages children to use language, and can be used to teach listening comprehension.

Hopefully, this information is useful for you, and your little one can speak fluently and quickly.

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