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Children’s age is the time to play. Children at the age of 3 years are indeed very active. They seem to be happier doing physical activities, such as more agile running, jumping, and starting to play with their peers.

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Now, to further support their growth and development, you can give them toys that are fun and still educational. Now there are so many educational toys that can further hone your child’s cognitive and creative abilities.

So, to fill your spare time, you can accompany your little one to play. Also, make sure that the toy you choose is safe and does not have a potential danger for your little one.

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Then, what are the educational toys for 3-year-olds? Well, here are some recommendations that we have summarized from various sources. Check here!

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Educational Toys For 3 Years Old

1. Wooden Block Toys

The first educational toy you can give to a 3-year-old child is a wooden block toy, also known as a wooden block. Usually, these toys come in various forms. Your little one can arrange these block toys based on their shape or color. This block toy can further stimulate their imagination, creativity, and thinking abilities.

2. Musical Instrument Toys

Children aged 3 years generally enjoy listening to sounds and sounds. So, giving him a musical instrument toy is the right choice. You can buy him a toy piano that makes sounds and he can press. In addition to sharpening their sense of hearing, this musical instrument toy can encourage children to express themselves more and is good for their motor skills.

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3. Mini Tricycle

There is a toy that is no less fun for children aged 3 years, namely a tricycle. These toys can make your little one who is actively moving can balance his balance and motor skills. You can invite him to play with a tricycle in the yard. To be safer, always accompany them when playing on this bike.


Lego is one of the toys that children aged 3 years will definitely like. Because this lego has a variety of shapes and colors. You can invite your little one to form Lego into a building or shape that your little one wants. Playing lego is very good for imagination, motor skills, and children’s ability to solve problems.

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5. Playdough

At the age of 3 years, the child’s hand coordination ability has become more optimal. You can further practice this coordination movement by giving playdough or wax toys. If you have more free time, you can also invite your little one to make their play dough. Of course, it will be very fun and can strengthen your relationship with your little one.

6. Puzzles

This puzzle toy is suitable for all ages to play with, including children aged 3 years. Playing puzzles has many benefits for your little one, from sharpening thinking skills, and stimulating problem-solving skills, to practicing patience. You can choose puzzles with pictures of animals, fruits, or children’s favorite characters so that they will be more enthusiastic about putting them together.

Those are some educational toys for 3-year-olds that you can play with them. What are your favorite toys for your little one?

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