Rhett & Link, We’re Still Good Party Card Game

From the comedy duo behind Good Mythical Morning… dive into the world of YouTubers and bestselling authors, Rhett & Link, with this hilariously entertaining party game. It only takes 30 minutes to play for 4-12 players, ages 16 and up.

Rhett & Link’s We’re Still Good party game is the card game that laughs in the face of disaster. You will receive scenarios like “You asked the tattoo artist to surprise you and now you’re stuck with a tattoo of ____” and more ridiculous scenarios.

Score chips by playing the ‘best’ missing words in your hand and writing the ‘most optimistic’ positive spin on ridiculous disasters. No worries! We’re still good. This weird game is perfect for parties and large groups. We’re Still Good is easy enough for anyone at game night to play.



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