LEGO Super Mario™ Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Set 71406


Kids can add another fun-packed level to their LEGO Super Mario world with Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Set (71406), featuring Yoshi and a Monty Mole. Players can explore and earn digital coins with their interactive LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi, or LEGO Peach figures (not included).

Say “hello” to Yoshi at the door, have a nap in Yoshi’s bed, pick fruits, spin on the Treat Carousel to turn the fruits gold, and use the gift box to share them with another interactive figure. Or simply give the fruit to a friendly character, like Yoshi. (Note: the 71360, 71387, or 71403 Starter Course is required for interactive play.)

This collectible toy playset makes a super gift for trendsetting kids aged 6+ and is ideal for solo or social play. Download the LEGO Super Mario app for building instructions and other fun stuff. LEGO Super Mario Starter Courses and Expansion Sets allow fans to expand, rebuild and create unique levels for hours of coin-collecting play.



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