LEGO Minecraft® The Nether Bastion 21185 Building Set


Kids aged 8 and up with a passion for Minecraft can enjoy endless hands-on action in LEGO Minecraft The Nether Bastion (21185). Players battle their way into the fiery Nether Bastion, overcoming a series of challenges to gather items that inspire even more creative play possibilities.

Minecraft characters include a nether adventurer, magma cube, piglin brute, piglin, and a strider. Several unique features include an explosion function activated by inserting TNT and pressing a lever.

Authentic accessories that kids will recognize from the game include crimson root, warped fungus, gilded Blackstone, nether wart, red mushrooms, soul torches, blocks of gold, nether gold ore and soul fire, TNT, a fishing rod, and a treasure chest containing nephrite scraps, iron nuggets, and a pork chop. Just like the Minecraft game, this playset reconfigures to inspire endless new adventures.



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