Fashion Fidgets Sensory Toy Dolls


Fashion Fidgets are dolls styled & accessorized in totally cute ‘fits that double as fidget toys! This 2-Pack includes 2 mystery Fashion Fidgets dolls. Each Fashion Fidgets doll has at least 3 fidget features, rare dolls come with over 4 fidget features! Will your fidget doll’s outfit pop, twist, pull, or spin?!

With over 18 dolls to collect in Series 1, the fidget fun never ends! Which dolls will you unbox? The fun starts with the packaging. Tear & unravel your box to reveal a fun pop wrap with your Fashion Fidgets doll. Share & trade your Fashion Fidgets collection with friends, each doll comes with a keychain to attach to your backpack so they can go wherever you go!

Fashion Fidgets combine the stress release & focusing benefits of a traditional fidget toy, with the imaginative pretend-to-play possibilities of a conventional doll! Fashion Fidgets are fun for every fashionista ages 5+.



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