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LEGO toys! Who of you has never played LEGO as a child? I’m sure the majority of readers have never played LEGO. LEGO, which was created in 1958, has become a mandatory educational toy in Scandinavia and is well known throughout the world.

These LEGO toys are also widely played by adults, especially in foreign countries. The adult men who are usually called AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) are not shy about playing LEGO. Some of them have more LEGO collections than children!

LEGO Collection
LEGO Collection

In the past, adults were embarrassed when they still played with LEGO because they were considered like children, but over time, this point of view began to change, and gradually adults playing LEGO began to be recognized as a normal thing, well at least abroad.

This can be marked by the LEGO Masters event, a LEGO assembly competition held in developed countries.

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Why is there a change in trend when LEGO toys are common for adults too?

I think as an author, in developed countries this may be because they have been used to LEGO toys since childhood. When they grow up, because they are busy with college, work, or having a family, they don’t play LEGO anymore.

But usually, over time, they will reconnect with LEGO such as when visiting their parents’ house, unpacking the warehouse, introducing LEGO games to their children, nostalgia as a child, or other reasons.

LEGO Toys Hobby for Adults
LEGO Toys Hobby for Adults

Well, this trend was later caught by the LEGO company itself so that in recent years it has begun to focus on producing LEGO sets specifically for adults.

The LEGO company began producing sets as well as highly detailed LEGO sets such as oversized Supercars, highly accurate architectural buildings, lifelike LEGO plants, and various other sets.

Aren’t there many adults who play LEGO?

After living in the adult LEGO world for almost 4 years, the author has seen countless adults playing LEGO. After joining several communities at home and abroad, the author has got a clear enough picture to be able to discuss this topic.

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LEGO Hobbyist from Overseas

LEGO for Hobbyist
LEGO for Hobbyist

I will show some of the works of adults from abroad which are quite fantastic to see their work and also some of their backgrounds. The author has conducted interviews with those whose interviews are posted separately on the author’s dedicated LEGO blog.

If interested you can read about it on the Interview with the LEGO hobbyist page.

Sarah Beyer Hobbyist LEGO from Sweden

Sarah Beyer is a 41-year-old mother who is still working in the legal field. Sarah has been playing LEGO since childhood but she quit after growing up.

One day he rediscovers his LEGO toys during a visit to his parent’s house. After that, he tried to assemble his work, and eventually, he became an expert in designing houses from LEGO components.

Sarah seems to have a hidden talent to be an architect. The LEGO house pieces he assembles have a modern and contemporary theme.

Andy Jarvis Hobbyist LEGO from England

Andy Jarvis, a 40-year-old British entrepreneur, has a knack for assembling existing LEGO sets and transforming them into different shapes. He assembles his building creations and requires no manual. None of the buildings in his LEGO collection are from LEGO sets for sale.

Andy himself said that being creative with LEGO without following the instruction manual would increase his creativity and imagination. He is very happy to build buildings out of LEGO freely without being bound by instructions.

Eero Okkonen from Finland

Eero Okkonen, a 25-year-old young man who is currently studying architecture in Finland, has an incomparable talent. He can assemble unique buildings made of LEGO, humanoid creations from LEGO to various dioramas, or even food made of LEGO components.

Eero Okkonen is one of the lesser-known geniuses in LEGO. With this talent, he can be accepted to work as a LEGO toy designer at the LEGO company. Only I himself chose to concentrate on being an architect.

Gabor Kovacs from Hungary

Gabor Kovacs works as a professional in the field of logistics freight forwarders. He has known LEGO since childhood, although with limited sets due to his childhood, Hungary was under the iron curtain of the Soviet Union which limited the availability of LEGO toys. But in this day and age, Gabor can freely create a LEGO city diorama that is very amazing and very spacious.

Gabor himself creates dioramas of his city interspersed with his unique buildings mixed with whole LEGO sets. He said he would continue to grow his city to become a unique LEGO city.

Playing LEGO is very satisfying for adults!

After observing the work and the results of interviews with adults, it is clear that adults enjoy LEGO games. They use it both to hone creativity, sharpen imagination and reduce stress levels and are also used to relax and fill spare time.

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What is your opinion? Would you like to try it? The author himself has also dived into assembling LEGO city dioramas and has also tried to assemble his own LEGO works without following the manual.

If there is an opportunity in the future, I will display my work here. Well, if anyone is interested, well.

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