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Now there are more and more choices of children’s educational toys that you can play with your little one. This educational game can help children to further hone their creativity. Not only that, but educational toys can also train motor skills and brain intelligence if played correctly.

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Providing educational toys to children can also reduce the risk of your child being addicted to playing gadgets. As a result of the increasingly limited places to play, especially during this pandemic that has not yet ended, more and more children are addicted to playing with gadgets, right? You don’t want this to happen to your little one.

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So it’s a good idea to provide other types of activities that can increase creativity. It can also build closeness between you and your little one. So what are the best educational toys for children for their growth and development? Read more here!

Recommended Children’s Educational Toys

1. Puzzles

Playing puzzles for children can be useful for motor development. Especially for those of you who have toddlers. In addition to training fine motor skills, this game can also teach children to solve puzzles and practice problem-solving skills.

You can accompany him when your little one plays puzzles so he doesn’t get bored quickly. Do not forget to give appreciation in the form of praise if the child can complete the puzzle well.

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2. Block Toys

This educational toy is constructive and has a variety of shapes and colors. Your little one has the opportunity to assemble the blocks into a building, tower, road, house, and so on. This is good for your little one’s introduction to geometric shapes.

Similar to playing puzzles, block toys can also train their motor skills. Children are also taught to further develop their creativity to arrange buildings according to what they want.

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3. Folding Paper (Origami)

Sounds simple, but who would have thought that this one game provides many benefits for your little one? Paper games, also known as origami games, you can play with your children to fill their spare time.

Many forms can be practiced by folding paper. For starters, you can make simple shapes, for example, airplanes.

This paper folding game can help your little one train focus and concentration. He will also learn how to follow instructions from his mother. Folding paper straight from certain directions can also train motor skills.

4. Profession Games

Profession games, such as doctors, cooking, workshop tools, to carpentry tools, are fun games for the little ones but also full of educational value.

Before playing, you can first find out which one is your child’s favorite or choice. So when played together, children will be more enthusiastic and get to know more about the profession they choose. Mamas can also tell their children about the tasks of the profession they are playing.

5. Blackboard

Having children, especially toddlers who love to doodle, is sometimes a hassle, but this is a sign that their creativity is developing.

As an alternative so that they don’t scribble or draw on the walls of the house, you can provide a whiteboard and colored markers to further practice this creativity.

Previously you could first teach your little one to hold a marker. This process can train children’s motor skills. You can accompany him when he distributes a lot of doodles on the board. While occasionally asking about what object he was drawing.

Those are some educational games that you can play with your little one at home. What do you think you will play to fill your free time with your children?

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