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To support your little daughter’s growth and development, you can give girls toys. Childhood is indeed a time to play for children. Do you like accompanying your child to play?

There are many types of games that are intended for girls. Generally, girls are synonymous with playing with dolls or cooking, but apparently, that’s not all they can play with. Moreover, now there are also many educational toys to fill their spare time.

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So what are the recommendations for girls’ toys? Let’s find out more. Maybe it can be an option for you when playing with your little one at home!

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Interesting and Educational Toys for Girls

1. Playdoh Toys

Candle toys or popularly also called Playdoh are one of the toys for girls. Playdoh is suitable for you to give if your child likes to make shapes from objects he has seen so that your little one can be free to be creative in shaping the candles according to what he wants.

Playdoh is also available in various colors. This color variation can make the work your little one makes more interesting. In addition, wax toys also have the advantage of being durable and not easily damaged when formed.

2. Cooking Toys

Young children usually have a great curiosity. If he sees you or other family members cooking. Maybe that piqued his curiosity. But if you give it directly to the original cooking utensils, of course, it will be risky. So you can buy him a cooking toy.

By playing cooking, children are doing a role play on how to make food. Then with toys in the form of plates, spoons, forks, and other eating utensils, this also trains your little one to serve food. Toys like this are a simple way for children to recognize various cooking utensils and cutlery.

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You can invite him to play with cooking while explaining the use of each cooking utensil. Who knows when he grows up, he can help you in the kitchen right?

3. Doll

Since the first, it seems that dolls have become one of the favorite toys for girls. The shape of the doll is also now increasingly diverse with many accessories, clothes, and cute shapes. Like a Barbie doll that has complete clothes and accessories. There are even houses and vehicles.

In addition, you can also buy animal-themed dolls. Its cute appearance and soft textured fur make this doll one of the most popular toys. Not only animal-shaped dolls, but you can also give them dolls with cartoon or princess characters.

Playing with dolls turns out to have important benefits for their growth and development. When playing with dolls, your little one can imagine various conditions and put them in the form of stories.

For example, when the doll is in the forest, on an adventure, and so on. This can further hone their creativity and train their language development. What kind of dolls do you like the most with your little daughter?

4. Beauty Toys

If you have a daughter, don’t be surprised if she will follow everything her mother does. Including when dressing up or using make-up.

So you can buy her a beauty toy. Starting from toy lipstick, nail art, and various other beauty toys. Interestingly, these beauty toys can also be a way for your little one to express their artistic talent.

In addition, by buying him a toy like this, you don’t have to worry anymore if your little one will play with the cosmetics you have.

Those are some fun girls’ toys that you and your little one can play with at home. These toys can also be a choice of gifts that you can give to children, friends, or relatives.

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