Hot Wheels Isn’t Just a Collector’s Toy, There’s a Story September 5, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

For ordinary people, hot wheels may only be considered toy cars that are identical to children. This assumption is very wrong. Because many adults turned out to collect hot wheels.

One of them is Aditya Pratama. This 28-year-old man is a hot wheels collector and the owner of the @hotwheelsgallery account. For Aditya, hot wheels are not just toy cars.

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Hot Wheels as a Collectible Toys

“Boys will be boys and every type of Hot Wheels car has a history that can remind children of their childhood,” he said.

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1. Hot Wheels cars have automotive historical value

One of the things that, according to Aditya, makes hot wheels a cross-generational hobby is a historical and nostalgic value that hot wheels cars bring. Hot wheels often represent certain moments.

“For example, it’s like a Honda Civic. It’s an old car, a car from the 90s, which for example, an adult collects, it’s like an old car, a very slang car in its time, now there are toys like that. It has a history of that toy, “explained Aditya.

2. Establish connections with hot wheels collectors

Having a strong connection with other hot wheels collectors is a way to feel ‘belong’ in the world of the hot wheel, especially for collectors from young adults to adults. Aditya suggests this can be done by joining a community or participating in related events.

“Maybe today we can join the community via online, Instagram, or Facebook because the condition is still a pandemic,” he said.

In addition, Hot Wheels collectors also participate in related events after the pandemic.

“If conditions are normal, you can try playing with toy events first. For example, there is the Tomochi event and the Indonesia Diecast Expo every two years,” continued Adit.

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3. Take advantage of the hectic hot wheel hunter collectors wisely

The number of Hot wheels collectors today makes the activity of collecting hot wheels not only a way to express interest but can also be a business opportunity. Aditya himself also trades Hot Wheels through his Instagram account.

The hot wheels business can be promising, especially when the hot wheels that are marketed are known to have a high selling value, such as the Super Treasure Hunt hot wheels example.

Aditya said that it is not uncommon for hot wheels hunters to take shortcuts, such as leaving a telephone number for the store clerk to be notified if there is a stock of hot wheels with a high selling value.

He saw this attitude as an unwise act when hunting Hot Wheels.

“It’s wiser if you want to play or hunt hot wheels, don’t leave your number at the counter! Sustenance has already been arranged,” he said.

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