Here Are Some of The Benefits of Playing LEGO for Kids July 18, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

Besides being fun, there are many benefits of playing with lego which is good for children, you know. Playing with Legos individually or in small groups has its benefits for children.

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If so, let’s immediately find out the benefits of playing lego for the following little ones.

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Benefits of Playing Lego

1. Practice Teamwork and Social Skills

One of the main aspects of lego games is that children work collaboratively in small groups to create something together. This will train children to work collaboratively, encourage shared focus, and sharing, and reinforce positive behavior and social contacts.

2. Communication and Language Skills

Children learn how to communicate with one another, express their thoughts, wants, and needs, and listen to others and their responses. When children play together, their language skills are developed.

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For children playing alone, they can create stories, and add characters and dialogue, all of which help build a foundation for language understanding and development as well.

3. Problem Solving, Mathematics, and Spatial Awareness

While playing with lego, children follow instructions, decipher the order, and understand the quantity, symmetry, pattern, and location of the appropriate lego blocks, thereby helping children to develop their mathematical skills and spatial awareness. This can also encourage them to develop ways of solving problems and generating new ideas.

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4. Creativity and Experiment

Children are allowed to be free to be creative with lego so that their imagination and self-expression are channeled. Children will also learn to experiment with building lego blocks and develop their ideas.

5. Physical Development

Playing with lego is known to have tremendous benefits for the development of fine motor skills as well as developing dexterity and strength in the fingers. The different amounts of pressure used to assemble the lego pieces are great exercises for little fingers, supporting children to be able to hold the pencil and control the pressure exerted while writing.

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6. Perseverance and Stress Management

Playing with lego can be annoying when blocks can fall apart with one small move. This can be frustrating at first, but playing with lego over and over can help kids develop perseverance and learn to deal with frustration.

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Playing with lego also provides an opportunity to try new ideas without fear of failure, because children know that mistakes can be corrected and parts that fall off can be replaced. Children know that not everything can go as planned, but they can manage and deal with it.

7. Confidence

Making lego creations either following instructions, or from ideas in their minds allows children to achieve a sense of accomplishment, pride, and self-confidence.

8. Lowers Anxiety and Stress

Playing with lego can also have a very calming effect and can help children who may have anxiety. Playing and getting creative with lego can have great therapeutic benefits.

9. Practice Patience

Making lego takes time and this will test the patience of children. Especially if the lego arrangement has a difficult pattern.

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Children often want something instant. The process of playing with lego can help children understand that getting good results takes time and hard work.

10. Focus and Concentration

Following instructions, planning the next section, waiting for their turn, and listening to others (when playing in a group) all require focus and can be especially helpful for children who sometimes find it difficult to concentrate.

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