5 Aspects to Pay Attention to When Buying Toys for Children September 1, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

Buying children’s toys can’t be careless. Children need tools as a means to help them maximize their growth and development.

The toys must also be age-appropriate, have an educational role, and do not contain elements of violence or pornography. The following are aspects that need to be considered when buying children’s toys.

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1. Physical (physical/motor development)

Physical growth or motor skills are very important for children. To develop gross motor skills, parents can buy games that encourage children to run, climb, or jump.

While fine motor skills can be developed with games such as making crafts or DIY. Many fun games involve children’s body movements. So, be smart in choosing games for children.

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2. Intellectual (cognitive/thinking ability)

The game not only serves as entertainment. Games can also be a means of education. Therefore, the games that parents choose for their children must also help in developing their cognitive abilities.

For example, a game of chess or monopoly that requires reasoning and problem-solving. This game will train children to understand the information obtained through experience and knowledge.

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3. Language

As a parent, you should invite your child to communicate more often and encourage him to express something. The habit of inviting children to discuss can improve their language skills.

Building interaction with children through simple games, such as guessing words or playing quizzes, can also be an option to improve children’s language skills. Parents actively accompany and guide children to practice this ability.

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4. Emotional

Teaching children about the emotions that must be faced and how to handle them, it can be done with the media game. Because children need to be directed to express their emotions in a good and healthy way.

For example, when inviting children to play games on their gadgets, parents can teach a supportive attitude, accept defeat, and be kind when they win. These emotional skills are important for children and can be acquired through the parental direction.

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5. Socialization

Social intelligence is no less important than other types of intelligence. How children interact with their friends, be moral, and behave well can be learned through games.

Invite children to do group games with their friends. Choose games that can practice cooperation skills and build active interactions with other people.

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Those were 5 things you should pay attention to before choosing a game for children. The important role of parents can maximize the benefits of playing for children. Let’s accompany the children to play!

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